(Last updated 27. February 2017)

At the last meeting the annual contribution was set to EUR 220.
Please transfer the annual contribution on time. Thank you very much.

At the annual general meeting on 22.05.2016 Mr. Eckhard Kremers was elected president.

Our president Mr. Michael Hagenbusch passed away after a long illness on January 2.
We mourn for a friend, who all his live spared no effort to pass on his outstanding knowledge - acquired in 50 years of collecting and studies - to anybody seriously interested in the japanese sword.
He saw his task in "opening the collectors eyes", to give an opportunity to the collector to recognize, enjoy and learn the outstanding art in the shape and the steel of a Japanese-Art-Sword - Bijutsu Token.
We will always remember him and continue to pursue this task in the terms of the NBTHK Japan, like he did.

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